What all modules/activities can students perform from their login?

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When a student logs in to Klearskool, the student can perform the following activities:

  Note: Based on the plugins made available to the institution, some of the below information may not apply to the student.

  • Send internal messages to teachers, other students of the batch, and parent
  • Academics – View exam and attendance reports
  • Assignment – Complete and submit assignments
  • Calendar – View the institution calendar
  • Discipline – View any discipline matters the student may be involved in
  • Library – Search and reserve library books
  • My Profile – View his/her profile. From the profile, the student can also view

            Exam and attendance reports     
            Guardian details
            Fees due and fee refunds
            Course subjects
            Registration documents
            Shared photos
            Hostel and Transport allocation details 
            List of borrowed library books
            Classes to attend for the day
            Any remarks provided by the teacher

  • Online exam – Take online exams and view results
  • Placement – View placement announcements
  • Timetable – View the batch timetable
  • Blog – Start a blog
  • Discussion – Participate in discussions
  • Documents – Upload and share documents
  • Forms – Provide feedback through forms
  • Gallery – View shared photos
  • Google Docs – Upload and access documents uploaded to Google Docs in Klearskool and vice versa
  • News – View institution news
  • Poll – take a poll
  • Tasks – Take up tasks assigned by teachers
  • Apps – Access provided apps

For more information, watch this video.

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